International Women’s Day 2021-Contest Alert


Women entrepreneurs have been starting a new era of growth and they are rising stars of the economies in developing countries right now. In India, a large number of women are being engaged in government and private sector jobs. But apart from this, many women have been successful entrepreneurs and managing their enterprises smoothly and… Read More »

By Vishnu k | April 6, 2021

How to collect customers Opt-Ins for WhatsApp Business API Solution?


WhatsApp Business API has become a hot topic in the CPaaS industry. It has revolutionized the way we communicate. Many messaging apps have been launched since then, but none reached the same success or user reach as WhatsApp. With over 1.8 Billion users around the globe, & 60 billion messages sent a day. We’re not… Read More »

By shruthi | April 6, 2021

MOBtexting- Trusted partner for Verified SMS by Google


We are all being the customers of one or the other brand or business and will be bombarded with text messages all the time. A simple text message acts as a bridge between customers and brands. The companies will always use promotional or transactional SMS to interact with their customers. It’s been proven that messages… Read More »

By shruthi | February 17, 2021

MOBtexting is Helping SMBs Scale Their Revenue


Bangalore based Cloud Telephony company, MOBtexting is facilitating SMBs and startups to find toeholds in their business without spending a fortune. Having a reliable communication system such as private PBX was a distant dream for most businesses traditionally. Not anymore. With MOBtexting cloud telephony, businesses can now enjoy the same benefits but without the cost… Read More »

By Brijesh Kumar | July 13, 2020

Complete guide to DLT registration process


TRAI has made entity registration on DLT portals mandatory for anyone who wants to send SMS. We are experiencing an unusually high amount of support calls and emails. As a result, some of your queries might have gone unanswered even though our teams worked incredibly long hours. If you have been trying to reach us… Read More »

By Ajay Gupta | June 26, 2020

Voicebots are The Future Business Marketing


The technological advancements today have taken up a high speed. It affects our lives and has given a totally different shape. Based on that the customer today has also become very demanding and wants quick and personalized service. To provide the best customer service, companies today are adopting this so that they can be at… Read More »

By admin | June 13, 2020