Cloud Telephony Brings Business Transformation While Delivering Cost Benefits

Voice Solutions July 4, 2020

Scores of businesses are moving to cloud technologies in a bid to garner various cost advantages. But cost saving is not the only benefit.  Cloud telephony means there is no CAPEX upfront because the cloud service provider pays for the hardware, software, rent, electricity, salaries etc. Cloud Telephony users are not burdened with these overhead… Read More »

By Ujjwal Vashisth | July 4, 2020

MOBtexting is Making Cloud Telephony Accessible For Businesses of all Sizes

Voice Solutions July 3, 2020

Started by Ajay Kumar Gupta and Brijesh Kashyap, the Bangalore-based cloud communication startup, MOBtexting, has come a long way since its inception in 2014. With an enviable presence in India, MOBtexting is gradually expanding its footprint in global markets.  The combined synergy of Ajay Kumar Gupta and Brijesh Kashyap has achieved a feat that cannot… Read More »

By Siva Koti | July 3, 2020

Significantly Improve Brand Image With Toll-Free Number

Voice Solutions July 1, 2020

Research shows that Toll-Free numbers can significantly improve brand image. Toll-Free numbers are unique numbers that start with 1800 and allow customers to reach you, but without any cost to customers. Since the customers are not charged, they feel encouraged to call the company. Toll-Free numbers are great if you are dealing with customers on… Read More »

By Vishnu k | July 1, 2020

5 Ways Cloud Telephony Resolves Communication Problems For Your Business

Voice Solutions June 30, 2020

There is no substitute for providing exceptional customer service and facilitating smooth internal communication operations if you want to stay on top of your competitors. Moreover, an effective communication strategy can help your business to grow. An international report published by Holmes described that businesses globally lose a whopping $37 billion every year owing to poor… Read More »

By Vishnu k | June 30, 2020