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Cloud Telephony is Helping Startups Leverage Calls to Convert Potential Leads to Customers

By admin | July 17, 2020

Managing business calls is cumbersome in every aspect. Yet it is also most important for any business, especially the one that is sparing no effort to convert potential leads to customers.  In a short span of time, cloud telephone gained massive traction among startups & SME as it allowed them to run their business smoothly and with ease. In the most simplest terms, cloud telephony can be understood as a technology that migrates your business phone system to cloud technology.  MOBtexting, since inception, is working in the direction of simplifying mass business communication for startups & SME. One such initiative by MOBtexting is to make call management easy for small and medium-sized organizations. Recognized as the top Indian player in the field of communications technology by Deloitte, last year, MOBtexting is rapidly growing in the world of cloud telephony.  MOBtexting provides call optimization solutions for businesses. It’s offerings include SMS, Voice Telephony Services, Voice Bot, WhatsApp Business, ADEPT and more. MOBtexting cloud telephony is entirely cloud hosted and therefore does not require any hardware or software installation.  MOBtexting cloud telephony dashboard comes with a complete analytical report. These reports help businesses analyze the calls received by a business, both department, and user wise and improve on them. This leads to significant improvement in call performance of the business.  Cloud telephony products by MOBtexting come with a plethora of features that are designed keeping in mind SMEs and SMBs. Some of the features that come bundled or can be subscribed individually includes IVR System, Call Tracking, Call Recording, and more. Artificial Intelligence or AI enabled Voice Telephony Service adds power functionality to business calls that enables customers to reach your business at no cost. Features such as automated responses can collect feedback from each customer after each call to understand the areas of improvement that can help business elevate to the next level.  Artificial Intelligence is the future of business communication. AI has become a significant part of consumer technology for quite some time and will only grow in prominence over time. Businesses (small and big alike) have also realized the potential of AI in business communication.  Artificial intelligence has simplified Cloud telephony allows companies to create a highly personalized customer experience and build personal relationships with their customers, especially in a remote work set up. MOBtexting believes that workplace location should have no bearing on the quality of a relationship. In fact it positively impacts how businesses build and maintain relationships with their clients.  Cloud telephony technology is also allowing businesses to bring their office experience into the home and even double up their performance. This is because now employees can take workplace calls from anywhere. This allows for creation of personalized components that customers will take note of and will count on.

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