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How Bulk SMS Can Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out From the Crowd?

By admin | May 25, 2020

There is a right way of doing every kind of marketing. This includes SMS marketing as well. If done right, it can bring in floods of leads and generate substantial enquiries. But if not, you will quickly lose all your marketing budget without any results leading to bad ROI. In this quick guide, you will learn how you can use SMS effectively that will help you generate more leads, enquiries, and thereby achieve higher ROI on your SMS marketing. This article is geared towards marketing tactic that is more apt for Real Estate Industry, So if you are a Real Estate Developers, Builders, Broker or Agent looking to get quality leads for your project listings with the use of bulk SMS marketing, there is enough you can take away from this article. Carefully used Bulk SMS service will generate customers’ interest in your project and can lead to quality leads. Bulk SMS marketing is cheap, easy to understand & can be implemented effectively by anyone. There is almost no learning curve. But there are few things to keep in mind. Let’s start with some basics.

How Usually Bulk SMS Works?

The primary goal of anyone operating in the Real Estate niche is to get quality leads and quickly sell real estate project to clients. For this, you should first obtain a short code number. It is a 5 digit number that is easy to remember and is assigned to your business only. This number helps potential customers to reply back to your bulk message activities. Along with this shortcode number, you also have decide on keyword such as ‘home’. You have to display shortcode and the keyword on every online and offline advertisement you are publishing. If any individual is interested in your offerings, they can contact you through that short code. The message will only contain the keyword that needs to be sent to the short code number (for example 56332). It will be delivered to your messaging platform. When someone replies back to the shortcode, the system automatically triggers auto-response acknowledging the response with more information. In other words, as the message gets delivered to the given short code with the keyword, the individual will receive another message having information about your real estate project with the link to your website.

SMS marketing for the real estate industry

Bulk SMS marketing with the help of shortcode and keyword will help you generate quality real estate leads and boost your sales. In addition to the above case you can also promote your real estate projects through other significant ways of SMS marketing.
  • 2-Way-SMS: Promote your new projects to the right targeted audience through 2 way SMS.
  • Send Info: Send information regarding new properties, noteworthy amenities, space availability as per the expectations of your customers.
  • Alert SMS: Easily integrate SMS alerts within your website.
  • Collect Customer Feedback: By initiating a customer feedback campaign you collect feedback and make necessary improvements.
  • Generate Leads: 2 Way SMS facility will be highly effective for generating leads. You can generate leads by promoting a short code number on various media like TV, Radio, Print, Hoardings, etc.

Real estate SMS marketing

Real estate SMS marketing takes benefit of affinity and immediacy of messaging to reach more number of people. As almost all people have mobile and always receive text messages. So, SMS has a higher open rate than any other kind of electronic communication. For initiating a real estate SMS service, you can take the service from the leading bulk SMS company like MOBtexing that offers access to the messaging application for real estate. The application is easy to use and you will be able to launch your first SMS campaign within a few minutes of setup. You also get real-time reports that let you know how your campaign is performing.

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