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Voice Broadcasting & How it Can Help Revive Your Business Post Lockdown?

By admin | June 6, 2020

With the lockdown gone, businesses have opened up. Employees are back in the office. Hustle and bustle once again has started in the office corridor. The unusually long weekend has finally ended. But unfortunately, customers seem to be taking longer to return back, while sales efforts are yielding only fewer leads. You can speed up this process for your business by doubling the amount of people you reach in order to generate leads for your sales funnel. But does this mean that you have to hire more telecallers for your business? Not really. Let me introduce you to Voice Broadcasting service. Many of you must already know it. But for the benefit of all, let me give you a small brief. Voice Broadcasting is often less talked about subject when it comes to generating leads. But it holds immense potential. For example you can reach a multitude of people on their cell phone simultaneously. Here are some of the benefits of Voice Broadcasting that may help your business recover from the lockdown shock and get the customers rolling back in your sales funnel.

Reach multitude

Reach thousands of people simultaneously on their cellphones. Call them up and introduce your services but without the need for a human telecallers. This is the benefit of Voice Broadcasting. It’s a kind of automated outbound call where a prerecorded message is broadcast to thousands of people programmatically. Reaching more people means more chances to generate potential leads and more leads translates to more conversions.

Stay connected

Outbound calls can be used to make announcements, promotional offers, follow ups, reminders and provide status updates to customers and do a lot more. Staying in touch gives opportunity for upselling and cross selling.

Lead nurture

Voice Broadcasting can be highly personalized to offer unique experience with the help of human-like voice quality and advanced voice modulation capabilities.

Collect customer feedback

Voice Broadcasting is the fastest and the most cost effective way to reach out to your customers to collect feedback after every outgoing call from your call centers at no additional cost.

Zero operational cost

Voice Broadcasting is a hosted service that eliminates the requirement of buying a traditional, expensive PBX system. You don’t even need to hire inbound and outbound call center agents. If this sounds interesting to you, let me know in the comment section. I would be happy to share with you more information on how Voice Broadcasting service from MOBtexting can help your business generate more leads and allow you to service more customers with limited resources.

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