COVID-19 RESPONSE:Your First Communication Campaign is on Us!

Communicating with customers and employees has become extremely challenging for many in these difficult times. MOBtexting wants you to know that we are committed to providing you with uninterrupted communication.

You can use our Cloud Communication Platform that includes Cloud Telephony services, SMS, IVR,Chatbot and more to provide your customers with critical updates, enable your employees to work from home, and stay connected through conference calls and more.

We are offering FREE text credits to below categories

MNCs, Manufacturing & Agricultural enterprises - 10,000 Free text credits

We are giving out free credits to help businesses embrace work-from-home, stay operational and perform business-as-usual. Make use of our free credits to let workers, farmers and clients stay updated with critical information about your business.

Government offices - 50,000 Free text credits

Hundreds of millions daily sending volume;
Send us your biggest campaign, we can handle your messaging scale.

Small and Independent business owners - 5000 Free text credits

We understand that the small and independent business owners have taken the hardest hit. We are giving out 5000 Free text credits to help you provide your customers with critical business updates about delivery, operations and more.

Schools, Colleges - 25,000 Free text credits

Education has taken a massive toll due to COVID-19. MOBtexting is offering 25,000 Free text credits to Schools, Colleges for Emergency Text Alerts and to inform and help students get online smoothly.

Cloud Telephony for MNCs, Manufacturing & Agricultural enterprises

Working remotely can be specially challenging for MNCs, Manufacturing & Agricultural enterprises. But with MOBtexting cloud telephony you can enable remote working with virtual call to stay connected while apart, and re-start business operations to get your business on track.

Government and health care agencies

COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted small and independent business owners. Most small businesses are on the verge of extinction, if they don’t take their business online in some form. Mobile telephony brings to your business portability and scalability. With zero investment on hardware, cloud telephony allows business owners connect with their customers instantly from their mobile, tablet or their desktop computer.

Small and Independent business owners

Explore user-friendly & secure cloud-based web interface, incorporating developer-friendly dynamic API's for SMS & Voice Services to integrate easily

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Cloud-based phone systems is proving highly advantageous in the education industry, allowing Schools, Colleges and Universities take their classroom education online. It empowers educators to remain accessible to students and their parents during the online education session.

It takes three minutes to get connected with your workforce and your clients. Drop us an email at and we will show you how you can get started with our Cloud Communication Platform and services.

For MOBtexting, its business as usual, since our services are provided through SMS and Voice Telephony. MOBtexting, is the winner of the Deloitte Tech India 50 & APAC 500, provides A2P Messaging and AI-enabled Cloud Telephony Services which can be integrated with any applications, websites, CRM, ERP, etc.