Designed to protect your customer's transactions

Deliver OTPs to customers anywhere across the globe.

Gain customers’ trust with a secure platform

Secure customer transactions with Verify

Push Messaging

Stop fake users

Alleviate new account registration fraud and attempts at bulk account creation


Secure Account Access

Secured accounts with 2FA & Flawless authentication of existing users.


Validate Transactions

Critical transactions like accessing credit card details, transferring funds or making payments


Acquisition of Genuine Customers

An additional layer of security through 2FA using the phone number for existing & new customers.


Business Protection from Fraudulent Activities

With intelligent SMS Verification API, prevent fraudulent activities using phone numbers for fraud detection and verification of transactions.


Access 24*7 Support

Team up with a dedicated technical account manager who provides user experience reviews and ensures global integrations are successfully implemented

The Verify Advantage

Provides that extra layer of security to customer transactions


Scalable & Reliable

Allow your team to access your systems anytime
anywhere. Increase productivity of your team by
providing a platform that can scale as you grow.
Exhibit reliability by guaranteed delivery of the
same OTP across channels.


Customized parameters

verify provides a high-end secure gateway to send
OTP messages over different channels. The verify
platform is very robust and guarantees message
delivery within 5 seconds for 98% of the messages.


Efficient update

Secure platform facilitates Multi-factor
authentication.Notify end users about
transactions, login, password reset etc. in real-time
due to accurate operational efficiency.


Data security

Reduce phishing and hacking attempts. Send
OTPs that are valid temporarily on the registered
mobile number, email address and reduce data

How It Works

Receive OTP via messages

Enter OTP received on mobile

Validation successful

Uncover more ways our “Verify” mechanism can simplify your application’s authentication process

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